Robber tries to steal wedding ring by chewing on elderly woman’s finger!

robber tries to steal ring in St Andrew by biting woman's fingerA bizarre attempt was made to rob an elderly woman in an upscale community in St Andrew while she jogged late last week.

According to a report by the Star, the woman was out doing her daily rounds of morning exercise when she was attacked by a man who held on to her hands and bit her ring finger without success.


The incident took place in view of another resident who was going about his own business.

“Mi a walk bout minutes after 7 in a di morning and mi see a strange man. Mi never pay him nuh mind really until mi walk past him … after the lady past me with her walking stick, heading in the opposite direction. She stop and then mi hear she start scream when the man a walk go over to her.. Next ting, mi see him grab her finger and a bite it and she a scream … then mi jus see a car come out of nowhere and turn, then him run go meet the car.”

The man continued, “Mi couldn’t believe a so di man bite bite up the woman finger and still nuh get di ring … right now mi a wonder if is a mad man or coke head …”

The woman reportedly went home and told her husband, who is believed to be a retired policeman, what happened.



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