High School in Hanover plagued by daily sexual activities!

The Hopewell High School in Hanover is seemingly having a difficult time curbing illicit behaviours being carried out by students on a daily basis.

Students have designated various spots close to the school to have sex.

According to a report by the Observer, there are reports everyday of students having sex on properties in the vicinity of the school.

Even as the school year ended last Friday, fear has deepened that the new academic year will begin in September without the matter being sufficiently addressed by authorities.


“Every day these students leave the compound to engage in sexual activity,” a veteran school official told the Sunday Observer last week.

“This situation is continuing and getting worse, and nobody seems to want to do anything about it,” the official added.

Hopewell High HanoverHopewell High, which opened on September 4, 2006, has been saturated in an ocean of woe in recent times, what with the suspension of its first and only principal, Joyce Irving, amid claims of widespread corruption at the co-educational institution.

The school’s property was fenced when it opened its doors, but thieves have since broken down and stolen chunks of the chain-link fence, while students have cut openings in other sections as they go on their sexual journeys.

The sex spots are varied, ranging from dense, bushy locations close to the school, to as far away as perhaps one of the most popular spots called ‘The Cave’, literally an underground spot structured like a small cave, close to Phase Two of the upscale Orchard Housing Scheme owned by an expatriate capitalist.

There, a mattress was found last year, presumably used by students whose testosterone levels had shot up to remarkable proportions.

“The students have sex off the property daily. Sometimes you will even hear them talking about going down in the bushes to do it, even with adults hearing them clearly.


“Even if they don’t use that old mattress that was found at ‘The Cave’, they just do it on the ground and don’t even care. The big concern is that these students often engage in unprotected sex, and there have been several girls who have dropped out of school, many of them under age 16.

“Right now there is a girl at home with a baby. She is 13, and her ‘baby father’ is still at school; he is around 16 and in grade 10,” another source said.


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