Decision not to deport mentally ill Jamaican woman from the UK angers many Britons!

A mentally ill Jamaican woman who kidnapped a vulnerable man and tortured him for 17 hours will not be sent back to Jamaica.

The decision not to deport the woman was made by a tribunal and backed by Judge Ken Craig despite British Home Secretary – Theresa May’s wish to have the woman evicted from the United Kingdom.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the woman known as Ms K was sent to jail for five years for blackmail, false imprisonment and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm after the 2009 attack – related to a drugs dispute – which left the mentally ill man fearing for his life after he was tied up.

Upon her release from prison, Home Secretary Theresa May wanted to send the woman back to Jamaica, but lost after it was decided that failures by London social workers had turned the woman into a violent criminal.


The woman was born in Jamaica and stayed on the island after her mother moved to Britain in 1992, suffering beatings at the hands of her Jamaican grandmother and being raped at the age of eight.

In 1994, she was sent to London to join her mother and stepfather but was raped again by her stepfather’s brother and a friend of the family.

Theresa May
British Home Secretary Theresa May

Ms K was then put into care and given a good foster family, but a mistake in paperwork meant that she was removed from there and transferred to a children’s home. There she suffered yet more beatings and was sexually abused.

Many residents of the United Kingdom wasted no time to voice their opinions on the report online.

Some comments included:

“Thats ok, now we can put her on a pension, in social housing and let her continue her criminal activities. Come on over everyone, our judges and politicians dont give a damn about the hard working legal Brit – this is a fact Come on over the rest of the world the UK welcomes the low lifes.”

“I really hope that this woman does not hurt anyone else but if she does the Home Secretary should be able to have this judge struck off and all pension rites withdrawn.”

“You have to feel for Theresa May – every time she tries to fulfill her promises to deport criminals and cut immigration (in line with policies and public demands) some do gooder judge/social worker blocks the move!”

“Who the hell can we deport? this government needs to grow a pair!”

Would it be an unreasonable move to send this woman back to Jamaica? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments.



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