Former Jamaican police officer gets his US citizenship revoked and will be deported!

Devon Campbell, 46 citizenship revokedIt is quite uncommon to hear of  instances where someone’s United States citizenship gets revoked.

A former Jamaican police officer is now no longer a citizen of the United States after being sentenced to jail for fraud.

According to a report from 11 Alive, the police officer has been sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for committing immigration fraud.

Devon Campbell, 46, pleaded guilty in April to one count each of unlawfully procuring citizenship and using a fraudulently obtained passport.


As part of his sentence, Campbell had his U.S. citizenship revoked. He will be deported to his native Jamaica after his release from prison.

According to information presented in court, Campbell entered the U.S. in November 2000 with a passport issued to Wilmott Alvin Livingston, an alias he created.

He married a U.S. citizen in 2001, was granted permanent residency in 2004 and became a naturalized citizen in 2008, all under the fake name. U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said when Campbell applied for naturalization, he marked “N/A” under the section that asked him to list any previously used names.

Campbell eventually divorced his first wife and remarried, again under the Livingston alias. He also used the fake name and a made-up date of birth to obtain a U.S. passport and travel between Georgia and Jamaica.


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