Jamaica’s All Island Secondary School Rankings – 2014

top highest ranking schools in Jamaica listMany rural schools in Jamaica continue to perform admirably academically.

You might be surprised by the some of the schools that appear in the upper segment of this year’s rankings.

The ranking by EducateJamaica.org takes a look at each school and calculates what percentage of students they are turning out at the end of grade 11, with a minimum of 5 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and/or English) and based on the percentage obtained, they are ranked.

The rankings are based on the CSEC results of 2013.


Schools ranked by Percentage (%) of grade 11 cohort attaining Five (5) subjects with English and/or Mathematics.

The all-island ranking shows the comparative performance of secondary schools across the entire island.

Ranking Name of school Percentage (%) of grade 11 cohort attaining Five (5) subjects with English and/or Mathematics.
1 Immaculate Conception High 100%
2 Campion College 99.5%
3 St. Hilda’s Diocesan High 98.84%
4 Hampton high 97.7%
5 Mount Alvernia High 97.66%
6 Wolmer’s Girls School 96.9%
7 Westwood High 95.21%
8 Glenmuir High 95.14%
9 DeCarteret College 94.4%
10 St. Andrew High School for Girls 92.9%
11 Convent of Mercy  Academy Alpha 92%
12 Knox College 91.8%
13 Montego Bay High 89.61%
14 Morant Bay High 88.4%
15 Wolmer’s Boys School 88.1%
16 St. George’s College 88%
17 Munro College 87.7%
18 Holy Childhood High 87.6%
19 Ardenne High 86.6%
20 Merl Grove High 83%
21 Mannings High 82.7%
22 Bishop Gibson High 81.5%
23 York Castle High 79%
24 Meadowbrook High 77.8%
25 The Queen’s High School 77.6%
26 Manchester High 77.5%
27 St. Hugh’s High 75.9%
28 Kingston College 70.3%
29 Clarendon College 69.2%
30 Marymount High 68%
31 St. Jago High 60.7%
32 Charlemont High 60.1%
33 St. Mary High 60%
34 Jamaica College 59%
35 Ferncourt High 58.6%
36 Denbigh high 57%
37 May Day High 54.71%
38 Titchfield High 54.5%
39 St. Catherine High 53%
40 Annotto Bay High 53%
41 Camperdown High 50%
42 Gaynstead High 49.4%
43 Cornwall College 44.9%
44 Mona High 44.7%
45 Calabar High 43.8%
46 St. Mary’s College 40.6%
47 St. Elizabeth Technical High 39.4%
48 Rusea’s High 37.1%
49 William Knibb Memorial High 35.9%
50 Excelsior High 35.7%
51 Jonathan Grant High 34%
52 Guy’s Hill High 33.6%
53 Dinthill Technical High 31.4%
54 Frome Technical High 31.33%
55 Oberlin High 31.1%
56 Old Harbour High 31%
57 Holland High School 30.7%
58 Irwin High 29%
59 Ocho Rios High 27.1%
60 Mile Gully High 27%
61 Black River High 25.9%
62 Iona High 25.8%
63 Papine High 25.7%
64 St. Mary Technical High 25.7%
65 Bridgeport High 25.3%
66 Garvey Maceo High 25.2%
67 Aabuthnott Gallimore High 25.1%
 68 Edwin Allen High 23.2%
69 Green Island High 22.6%
70 Anchovy High 21.1%
71 Bellefield High 19.9%
72 Herbert Morrison Technical High 19.9%
73 St. Thomas Technical High 17.8%
74 Happy Grove High 17.7%
75 MacGrath High 17.6%
76 Porus High 17.5%
77 Holmwood Technical High 16.5%
78 Spaldings High 16.5%
79 Lennon High 16.1%
80 Maggotty High 15.8%
81 Green Pond High 15.5%
82 Albert Town High 15.4%
83 B. B. Coke High 15.3%
84 Jose Marti Technical High 14.9%
85 Belmont Academy 14.8%
86 Seaforth High 14.6%
87 Lacovia High 14.4%
88 Claude McKay High 14%
89 Buff Bay High 13.6%
90 Kingston Technical High 13.4%
91 Vere Technical High 13.2%
92 Tacky High 12.9%
93 Pembroke Hall 12.7%
94 Merlene Ottey High 12%
95 Port Antonio High 11.58%
96 Cross Keys High 11.3%
97 Troy High 11.3%
98 Central High 10.9%
99 Godfrey Stewart High 10.8%
100 Cambridge High 10.7%
101 Muschett High 10.6%
102 Clan Carthy High 10.3%
103 Brown’s Town High 10.2%
104 Tarrant High 10.2%
105 Kingston High 10.1%
106 Oracabessa High 10%
107 Spot Valley High 9.5%
108 Winston Jones High 9.4%
109 Vauxhall High 9.2%
110 Waterford High 9.1%
111 St. James High 9%
112 Tivoli Gardens High 9%
113 Maldon High 8.8%
114 Norman Manley  High 8.8%
115 St. Andrew Technical High 8.6%
116 Maud McLeod High 8.3%
117 Edith Dalton James High 8%
118 Marcus Garvey Technical High 7.8%
119 Donald Quarrie High 7.5%
120 Ascott High 7.4%
121 Kemps Hill High 7.1%
122 Charlie Smith High 7%
123 Bog Walk High 6.8%
124 Foga Road High 6.7%
125 Petersfield High 6.6%
126 Dunoon Park Technical High 6.4%
127 Balaclava High 6.1%
128 Rhodes Hall High 6.1%
129 Mavis Bank High 5.9%
130 Greater Portmore High 5.8%
131 Lewisville High 5.6%
132 Carron  Hall High 5.4%
133 Ewarton High 5.4%
134 Kellits High 5.4%
135 Newell High 5.4%
136 Christiana High 5.3%
137 Holy Trinity High 5.3%
138 Yallahs High 5.2%
139 Eltham High 5.1%
140 Tacius Golding High 5%
141 Little London High 4.6%
142 Knockalva Technical High 4.5%
143 Spanish Town High 4.4%
144 Alston High 3.8%
145 Bustamante High 3.3%
146 Cedric Titus High 3.3%
147 Thompson Town High 3.1%
148 Brimmer Vale High 3%
149 Fair Prospect High 3%
150 Glengoffe High 2.8%
151 Haile Selassie High 2.7%
152 Islington High 2.6%
153 Penwood High 2.6%
154 Grange Hill High 2.4%
155 Cumberland High 2.2%
156 Hopewell High 2%
157 Denham Town High 1.7%
158 Paul Bogle High 1.5%
159 Innswood High 0.9%
160 Trench Town High 0.8%
161 Robert Lightbourne High 0%

Source: EducateJamaica.org

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Omrie Blueblood Samuels

The article makes no sense. This statement “The rural schools in the top 10 were: Bishop Gibson High in Manchester, fourth; Hampton School in St Elizabeth, sixth; Munro College in St Elizabeth came seventh; Mt Alvernia High in St James, eighth; York Castle High in St Ann, ninth; and Glenmuir High in Clarendon, 10th.” Is woefully inaccurate, evidenced by the actual rankings below it.

Ishmell Hoilett
8 years ago

gi d youth dem d ryte ting fi learn hidel a private school

Renz Minott-Brown
8 years ago

This is so distressing. Schools are now only good for the traditional names that they bear.

Jenelle Ashley
8 years ago

Hey my alma mater is # 5 🙂

Siwey Alli-Baby Lewis
8 years ago


Sheldon Williams
8 years ago

The Ministry of Education is a part of the problem,theyre placing below average (reading level below grade 2) students in the newly upgraded high school, expecting them to sit exams in the next five yrs.

Gary Ever Trying Woode

What happened to Dunoon High. Unless i overlooked it. It was not in the list or is it a private school?

Jamelia Mais
8 years ago

what happen to sydney pagon technical?

Jamelia Mais
8 years ago

steths tho….

Deuces Up
8 years ago

well i guess 150 is better than 161………….lol

Marilyn Milan
8 years ago

Oh Alvernia, Alverrniaa, we sing to youu ♪ We will be loyal to the glorious brown & blue ♫♪

Claudette Barrett
8 years ago

the females are setting the trend

Garnett Manning
8 years ago

Beyond the 3Rs,a VALUE issue… This is the symptom of the lack of discipline, student safety, and the basic ethical breakdown in our schools….

Latoya Johnson
8 years ago

It’s Hampton School, not Hampton High.

Joycinth Salmon-Hoffsteadscott

Under 60% need some intervention.

Too Ambitious
8 years ago

My alma mater #6. Proud Wolmerian

Flora Ansine-Smith
8 years ago

Congrats STETHS for being at the top for Technical High Schools; I know teachers there work very hard, though the top GSAT students are sent to to the schools up the Hill.

Marvin Adetumbi Campbell

Mine is #152. I graduated with 8 at grades 1&2.

Anique Wilson
8 years ago

So proud of my alma MBHS! Cambridge we got some work to do! Every child can learn, every child must learn!

Akeil Bryan
8 years ago

This is rubbish

Lancelot Michael Henry

Although my alma mater, Knox College has done reasonably well the big picture is extremely disappointing. Institutional strengthening involving community support is a national imperative to rescue our children and our nation from longterm social and economic mediocrity. I need to get back to the classroom.

Gary Ever Trying Woode

The list started out rather well then around the top 25 it started to spiral down rapidly. Obviously a call for past students, especially the ones who care, and / or consider themselves successful in life to step up. Need to put some resources and / or finances into helping students achieve better pass rates. The Ministry of Education regardless of government in power is strapped for resources to help many schools. We cannot beat up on the teachers and this is a wake up call to get more involved.

Althea Hylton-Mckoy
8 years ago

Some of the student need to study and parent we need to help them too sometime they need us to do that teacher alone can’t do it we need to play our part

Dario Oznerol Vanhorn
8 years ago

CC is at 43 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the purpose and importance of education is lacking …what can we do to correct this behaviour because obviously a BIG GIANT is affecting our schools

Dario Oznerol Vanhorn
8 years ago

Again CXC was completed over the months of May/June is this data based on last year then

Keisha Whilby-darby
8 years ago

It is deplorable but have you taken a look at the behaviour of the students at a lot of these schools. I don’t believe it is an accurate assessment though. Remember that students have to be reccommended to sit these subjects. I have friends who had to register thier children privately to do CSEC and they got great passess. A lot of these schools are about quota and not students. For each of these schools how many students that should have taken exams were actually allowed to do so registering through the schools. Thank God for eveninng classess otherwise so… Read more »

JeT'aime Anderson Wray

Do you realize that most of the top 10 schools are single sex schools – and they are mainly girls?

HisMuse Stacy
8 years ago

I saw another ranking earlier that ranked Campion #1, Immaculate #7, Westwood #8 etc…I am not sure which one is correct as they are supposedly reporting “Schools ranked by Percentage (%) of grade 11 cohort attaining Five (5) subjects with English and/or Mathematics”.

Ithz Danii Thou
8 years ago

rayyy alphurr mi skl

Dwayne Bones Clarke
8 years ago

GLENMUIR HI FI LIFE!!!!!!!!!! all u ppl out there, there it is Glenmuir hi is still at tha top at clarendon

Nordia Real
8 years ago

teachers an parents need to play a more active role its not about the building,,, its about the students,,, they are what made up the school

Mig Haa
8 years ago

This is hilarious. ..r shool system is a joke…we put effort to who get good averages in passes…but yet r society is crying for help…I wonder why????

Barbara Watson Aiken
8 years ago

Ardennes you lovely no.19. We will get back to under 10

Lyssette Hawthorne-Wilson

St. Hilda’s though was rough on me being there, it is nice to see that it has done well.

Joycelyn Valentine
8 years ago

When parents assist students at home these students will advance. Visit your children,s school. Talk with the teachers and let your children know that you are working with the school,s programme.

Taliaevasweet Wilson
8 years ago

Kinda disappointed. Holy Childhood High School was in the top 10. 87% is good but not great. Come on ladies we can do much better

Cynthia M. Weir
8 years ago

I love z way some schools are making a name for themselves,no more name BRAND, skill teachers should go 2 every school

Cynthia M. Weir
8 years ago

I love z way some schools are making a name for themselves,no more name BRAND, skill teachers should go 2 every school

JohannAndrine NJayden Cover

wow the girls schools are mashing it up!!! Congratulations!!!!

Kerece Reid
8 years ago

We all know how hard it is to deal with some of these irrelevant educational infrastructure but at the end of the day it all boils down to what these students aspire,and quite frankly some just don’t put the effort. if we as pass students can make it so can they,it doesn’t make a difference what the government do if these students don’t put in the effort regardless of status,finance or background. help will be given if they deserve it cause god will make a way some how.

Cynthia M. Weir
8 years ago

you know, ranking of schools is just ridiculous, what i realized is that many children attend evening class at schools they would’nt attend in the days and in the end got very good grades in the cgsec exam and yet the schools that they originally attend gets the credit in the end in the so-call school ranking

Richard Kitson Walters

A big farce!

8 years ago

This is not a good benchmark of the performance of schools. What is the qualifying grade for students who are strategically placed at Immaculate? Well, it is high 90s to 100. What type of homes are these students from? Is it very supportive to their education? Can they afford three good meals per day? Do they a good support structure at home. Can their parents afford extra classes and computers in the home? Why then would it be a surprise that all students who sat the exam passed five (5) or more subjects? Any child that comes to an high… Read more »

Mal Deanie
8 years ago

it is evident that the schools are failing the children cause out of 161 only 41 schools have over 50% of students passing the core subjects

Irving Cassi
8 years ago

St.Hilda’s Diocesan High School always shining

Robert C Gray
8 years ago

Very proud of my alma mater St.Catherine High! We ranked ahead of some so-called “big name” school like Calabar, Camperdown, Excelsior and Ruseas. Prayer and work conquer All!

Maurice Clennon
8 years ago

Find out what the girls schools are doing and replicate it.

Javor Gordon
8 years ago

bwoy, how cemes i dont see my school?

Stephanie Rowe
8 years ago

Yes Hampton: )

Teacha Whyte
8 years ago

#128. Rhodes Hall High School opened its doors in 2006 to students of mixed-abilities. Now we are #128 improving every year, doing better than even some “traditional high schools”.