St Ann’s Bay man jailed for two slices of cheese

man locked up arrested for stealing cheeseAccording to a report by Irie FM, a St Ann’s Bay man was ordered back to lock up on Tuesday for his scheduled sentencing  in two weeks.

He is 54-year-old Michael Sterling of Jail Lane, St Ann’s Bay.

Mr. Sterling, who told the court he cuts yards for a living, was arrested for stealing two slices of cheese from a shop in St Ann’s Bay.

Sterling was offered bail at $19,000.00 but was further remanded after he told presiding Resident Magistrate, Andrea Thomas that he had no one to bail him.


In appealing to the R.M. to grant him bail, Sterling pleaded guilty to stealing the cheese.

He says he needed the cheese to eat with a bread he got because he was hungry.

R.M. Thomas told Sterling that he could not take up his own bail and as a result was taken back into custody.

He is to return to court on July 4 for sentencing.

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