Jamaican detective disguised himself as a woman to capture serial rapists!

Less serial rapists are free to roam the streets of Jamaica thanks to the brave and ingenious efforts of some of the island’s police officers. 

One detective went as far as to disguise himself as a female in order to apprehend a group of wrongdoers.

According to a report from the Observer, Detective Corporal Clayton Brown and District Constable Winsome Maye of the Manchester police now hold the title of top cops in the parish.

The two were awarded during the Annual General Meeting of the Mandeville Police Civic Committee at the Mandeville Parish Church Hall, recently.


A Jamaica National Building Society-sponsored trophy went to the top male officer and the trophy for the top female officer was sponsored by the Cotton Tree Citizens’ Association.

police undercover disguised as woman to catch rapists
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Superintendent for the Manchester Police Division Marlon Nesbeth (centre) with top female cop for 2013-2014 Simone Maye and top male cop Clayton Brown. (PHOTO: GREGORY BENNETT)

Superintendent for the Manchester Police Division Marlon Nesbeth described Brown, who is assigned to the Mandeville Police Station, as a fearless crime fighter.

“One of the highlights of him being selected was (Brown) telling the story of how he outsmarted some notorious guys who were serial rapists…over a year ago. They created havoc on the female populace in Manchester. He dressed himself like a female and lured the perpetrators and was able to apprehend them. This matter is presently before the Manchester Circuit court,” he said.

Nesbeth said that District Constable Maye of the Kendal Police Station is noted for her customer service virtues and community involvement in the Kendal police area.

“It was something which I expected because I worked towards the achievement. For some time now I have seen myself as the top cop,” Brown told the Jamaica Observer.

The detective has been serving in the Jamaica Constabulary Force for 10 years and hopes to become commissioner of police one day.


Source: Jamaica Observer

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8 years ago

Dats good thinking,how about doing a sting (bait) animal tiefs, bait cars etc.,