Many saddened by death of twins who washed away in flood waters

Sounds of grief punctuated the air at the Dump-up Beach in Montego Bay, St James this morning, as word spread that the bodies of 9-year-old twin brothers who were washed away by flood waters had been found.

Four family members, including the caregiver- an aunt, fainted and were taken away from the scene by ambulances.

Police say the bodies of 9-year-old Brandon and Brayden Jones of  Cornwall Courts were found at the Dump-up Beach, minutes to 9 o’ clock this morning.

Brandon Brayden Jones twin brothers washed away in Montego Bay beach found dead drownThe twin brothers were washed away by flood waters as they were going home from school, yesterday. Scores of concerned residents and curious onlookers converged at the beach to view the bodies of the twin boys.


Brandon and Brayden Jones were students of the Green Pond Primary School. They met their deaths as they were heading home from school amidst heavy rains which pelted parts of St James yesterday.

It is understood that one brother fell into a ditch and the other tried to rescue him when they were carried-away by flood waters. Acting deputy superintendent at the St James fire department Conroy Ghans says a search which was launched by fire personnel last evening for the boys ended this morning at the Dump-up Beach.

In the meantime, operations officer for St James, police inspector Ralph Medley is cautioning persons to stay away from flood waters.

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