Dancehall continues to gain Popularity in Europe!

Dancehall music came out of Jamaica in the mid to late 1970s and is considered by some to be the direct predecessor of rap. It is also arguably the most popular music in Jamaica with many countries around the world slowly embracing the genre.

Lately dancehall has become really popular in Europe. For example Polish people seem to be really interested in it. Every large city has at least one Dancehall school and Dancehall crew. In the past two years, many events and workshops connected to Jamaican culture have been held in this center of Europe.

There are two companies that provide Polish dancers with decent Dancehall teachers. The first is Born to Dance from Poznań. They are organizing workshops called “Dancehall or Die” with great Dancehall and Ragga dancers from Europe. Poznań has already been visited by Lil G’bb, Aya, Camron One-shot, Andrey Boyko.

In September they will have their 10th anniversary workshops with Steddy Conceicao, Jiff di Bossman, Chris Icon, and again Lil G’bb. On the south of Poland, in Katowice, there is another amazing group that arranges classes, lately with emphasis on Jamaican teachers.


Those workshops are called “Jamaican Meeting”. During classes in Katowice people have the opportunity to learn real Dancehall from the roots.

Check out this video by Polish Dancehall crew – Bogles Division

There have been workshops with Global Bob, Andre Cosmic, Shelly Xpressionz and twice with Orville Xpressionz.

What is even more exciting is with the proliferation of Dancehall music across Europe, Jamaicans are receiving support from European fellows like Camron, One-shot, A Ni Mal, Kate BabaRagga, Jiff di Bossman, Melpo Mellz, and Sonia Sensuafro.

Even Brazilian dancers are joining in the Dancehall action. Some of them who  represent Ragga jam – Lucas Migliorini and Carolina Mercado, are sharing their passion with Polish people.

These kind of events usually last two days – Saturdays and Sundays; a perfect time for a Dancehall party with foreign guests.

Bogles Division – Polish Dancehall Crew

Now it has became a tradition to organize Dancehall contests and battles during these parties. “Jamaican Meeting” may get the opportunity to arrange pre-eliminations for a major Dancehall International Contest finals which will take place in Moscow.


Every year there is one big contest where it’s winners automatically qualify for  Moscow’s finals and have free Dancehall workshops.

The contest consists of two categories: 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2, and since the price is so great there are always a lot of people willing to participate.

It is really great to witness the people from Poland and Europe at large embracing Jamaican culture.  In addition to the knowledge  it brings about Jamaican Dancehall, it spreads good emotions and helps to lift the spirits of the people – which is really needed today.

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