Carl Lewis attacks Jamaica, Bolt – AGAIN!!! (Video)

Carl Lewis jealous badmine badmind Usain Bolt and JamaicaCarl Lewis by now has surely  proven to the world that he is the physical manifestation of what we call ‘BADMIND’ in Jamaica.

The American athlete tested positive for stimulants on at least three occasions in the run up to the 1988 Olympics and thereafter went on to finish first in the 1988 Seoul Olympics 100-meter final which is considered the dirtiest race of all time.

He also seems to lurch at every available opportunity to tarnish the positive image of Usain Bolt and Jamaican athletics.

In a recent interview for NDTV he surprised no one with his usual biased, and completely ridiculous utterings which reek of jealousy.

This is how he compared himself to Usain Bolt:

We are very different in a lot of ways. First of all, I was a long jumper, though our events seem to be similar. Long jump was always my first event, and 100m and 200m were my second and third events. Secondly, a lot of the stuff he does, there’s no way an American could do that. If an American went about saying “I’m a legend”, they’d be crucified. This is a different era where you can get away with a lot of stuff about yourself. It’s something we could’ve never done.

This is what he said to say about Jamaica in regards to doping:

Well, I spoke about that issue in 2008 and I still stand to what I say. A lot of people criticized me in 2008 for the comments that I made but I am honest about how we are supposed to make our sport better. The reality is five years later that is the exact thing that came true. I was attacked specially by the Jamaicans and Usain about my comments but all of a sudden what I said was true and everybody went silent. I don’t know of any country that has had as many positive drug tests as Jamaica.

See FULL Interview below and share your views in the comments.


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