A tribute for Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou

I was hoping to grace the stage of your presence one day,

But that anticipation has vaporized into a shadow few days ago.

I’ve been shaken by the vibration of this sudden reality,


That you have been taken from us,

You’ve been taken away from me.

Behind the veil of social media,

Dr. Maya Angelou you’ve inspired me.

Greatest best tribute to Maya AngelouOn the wings of your words you’ve spilt wisdom,

To instruct the minds that weren’t taught how to think,

And to eradicate the sting of segregation,


Out of the hearts of Whites and the skins of the Blacks.

Your life inscriptions we can never forget,

The many tears you have cried when you were younger,

And the laughter you shared when you grew older,

Maya Angelou,

There are so many things about you to remember.

You were a phenomenal woman,

A teacher that preached prophetically through each of your books,

You’ve created your own lock for the ‘wanted’ – racism, that old crook.


You were a woman phenomenal,

A phenomenal woman.

You’ve trod the rugged streets rough,

With fighting feet Maya you were tough.

You wore the garment of courage,

Despite the arrows of bitter twisted lies.

You glowed in the midst of darkness,

You were a woman who was wise.

From the cage of this world, you flew away.

You’re not with us anymore, not even today.


Dr. Maya Angelou,

Our hearts are broken.

Even though you’ve encouraged us to stand,

Our feet are weak, they have been shaken.

You were a Giant to many,

A friend to Barack Obama,

We esteem you legendary.

With prayers strong we hold up your family.

We cannot say goodbye, so we’ll say hello,

Dr. Maya Angelou.



By Daron Chosen Smith

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