Top colleges in the US want Jamaican brainiac!

It’s no secret that Jamaicans can be top achievers once they set their minds on achieving a goal.

17 year old Tchakamau Mahakoe will now have to decide which school (some of them ivy league) to attend after being accepted by eleven colleges in the United States.

She passed 16 subjects, with 15 at grade one and one at grade two in 2012.

According to a report by the Observer:


TCHAKAMAU, the ambitious and brilliant schoolgirl the Jamaica Observer featured two years ago along with her brother for their academic achievements, has been accepted into 11 American universities, nine of which have offered her scholarships.

Her mother Kamau Mahakoe shared the news with the Observer yesterday, noting that she was proud of her daughter’s achievement.

“Clearly, l’m ecstatic. I feel really good for her because she has been focused from the start,” Kamau said of her 17-year-old daughter, who had been home-schooled before moving on to Immaculate Conception High School in St Andrew, and then the Hillel Academy on a scholarship.

“She has never lost sight of her goals… you don’t have to push her… she uses her initiative,” Kamau added. “I’m happy for her. Really happy.”

Tchakamau Mahakoe Jamaican genius scholarships from US collegesAmong the 11 institutions in the US that have accepted the teen’s applications are Princeton, Duke, Yale, and Stanford universities and the University of Chicago.

The teen is still not clear on which she will be attending come August/September to pursue double majors in physics and biology. She wants to become an astronaut, her mother said.

Asked how she felt about being accepted by 11 universities, Tchakamau responded: “I was just thinking that it’s a really good thing that I got accepted by so many. I’m pretty proud, because I got into my top choice, University of Chicago.” ( Image: Tchakamau Mahakoe is still not settled on which of the US universities she will attend. (OBSERVER FILE PHOTO)


Tchakamau and her brother Kuti have performed brilliantly in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams and CXCs.

Kuti entered Jamaica College at Grade 9 at the young age of 12 in 2011, with six CSECs.

Kuti is now in fifth form and is toying with the idea of entering politics or becoming a scientist.

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