Don’t Stop Tyrese

Don’t stop, keep ‘em’ videos going, keep them coming.

The lives you’re changing is innumerable,

One by one you’re touching,

Each and every heart you’re inspiring.


Battling with unresolved intricacies each day,

You help others to overcome in a day,

An obstacle that would’ve lasted for a week.

Your words surpasses the surface of normalcy,

Poem about TyreseAnd digs deep into the crevices of our palpitating hearts.

You’re a life changer – for good. 

Your inspirations are coming ‘Fast’,


Which makes the enemy ‘Furious’,

But don’t stop – keep them coming.

Without script, you play the best movie in our lives.

Touching lives in the USA, Canada, Africa, and Asia.

All over, over all – the Caribbean, and in my country,

The island of Jamaica.

Like Usain Bolt, your words strike our emotions quickly,

And sing melodies to our souls like Celine Dion, the leading lady.

Don’t stop Tyrese – keep them coming.


They sing, to our hidden fears like ‘Three Kings” since lately,


You are doing more than your mind can calculate,

More than what your vocals can recapitulate.

Don’t stop – Keep them coming.

Many times I ask myself, why do I write?

When it feels like no one is reading.

Why do I keep trying?

Why not run, instead of fighting?

But your words speak courage,


Like God’s voice did to David to face Goliath.

I’m motivated to face tomorrow,

And you’ve encouraged me to appreciate life today.

May Paul Walker’s soul Rest In Peace, 

Thank you, thank you Tyrese.


Don’t stop – keep them coming.


By Daron Chosen Smith  

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