American visitor to be deported following discovery that he is unable to sustain himself!

It is quite uncommon to hear of an American citizen being deported from Jamaica. Usually it is the other way around.

One American visitor’s stay on the island has been cut short for what will surely be considered a bizarre reason by many.

According to a report from the Observer, the American man who came to Jamaica to soak up some of the sand, sun and sea, left people in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court utterly surprised on Thursday, when he faced a charge for being destitute.

Jeffery Patrick Kelly’s stay in the island was cut short after he was arrested and charged with being destitute when he was found wandering along the Port Royal main road in East Kingston on April 11.


American tourist visitor man deported from Jamaica for being poor desituteThe white, blue-eyed American had arrived in the island on March 4 and was scheduled to leave on July 1.

However, the court heard that the 35-year-old citizen of Massachusetts, did not have sufficient means to support himself and had been wandering around without food or money and had also become a charge on the public purse.

When Kelly’s case was mentioned and the prosecutor read out his charge, people inside the court were amazed that there existed such a charge.

Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey, who herself appeared stunned, then asked Kelly: “You is a destitute person.”

“Yes ma’am,” he quickly answered before pleading guilty to the charge.

The prosecutor however told the court that the State just wanted Kelly removed from the country. As a result, the magistrate ordered that he should be deported to his country of birth.

“Mr Kelly, since you have pleaded guilty I am making an order so that you’ll be deported and returned home,” she told the foreigner.



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