Two promising Jamaican entertainers who died under suspicious circumstances

If you are familiar with songs like “Ring the Alarm” or “Love is the Answer”, then you will most likely recognize the names Tenor Saw and Garnett Silk.

These were two immensely talented Jamaican men who were blessed with unique and very melodic voices.

They had both managed to amass a considerable following in a relatively short time frame and their songs can still be heard on a regular basis to this day.

Tenor Saw died at the tender age of 21 in US state of Texas while Garnett Silk also died mysteriously at the age of 28 in Mandeville, Jamaica.


Though there were theories given for how both men died, there are many questions that can be asked surrounding the demise of both men.

It is undeniable that they made significant contributions to Jamaican music and they will never be forgotten.

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