The Function and Modus Operandi of Attorneys in the Justice System

The function and modus operandi of Attorneys in the Justice System continue to solidify my unapologetic point that the Justice System is designed with the primary role of protecting criminals, providing that those criminals have the money to pay an Attorney to defend them at all cost while using lawyer-client privilege as the safe haven for not revealing the truth that Attorney knows about his/her guilty criminal client.

My initial understanding of the role and function of Attorneys (Prosecution and Defence) is to prevent the innocent from going to prison and ensure the guilty is sent to prison or punished accordingly, which would result in the sharing of vital information between Attorneys on either side of the case regarding whose client is guilty of the crime.

However, I have realized years ago that my initial understanding was so wrong; because the Justice System operates in such a way that it mandates Attorneys to do whatever the client is paying him/her to do at all cost. This means that revelation of a client’s guilt or innocence to the Attorney is only important for that Attorney to have a clear understanding of how to go about distorting, manipulating, and using the purposefully enacted technicalities of the law to either free his/her client or send the client of the opposing Attorney to prison in order to build his/her client base and earn income.

Get away from prison if you have money afford to pay lawyerIf it was not for the many justice court case movies such as Law and Order, the Closure, et al, I would still be refusing to fathom that Attorneys are really trained to be Criminal Facilitators and Protectors, because the primary objective of Attorneys is to build their client base at all cost in order to make millions during their years of practice.


Finally, how then can our nation expect to have equal rights and justice when our so-called Justice System was deliberately designed to facilitate and protect criminals in the name of making MONEY? Now you see why certain people will continue to walk free after committing the most obvious and blatant crimes!


Which of the following best describes the CORE function of Attorneys in the Justice System, according to how they were taught at law school and operate while practicing:

1. To ensure the innocent is not punished or sent to prison, and ensure the guilty is punished or sent to prison?

2. To do whatever the client is paying them to do, even if it means distorting, manipulating, and concealing privileged information gathered from the client that would have their guilty client convicted in lieu of an innocent accused?

If number 2 is the answer, then would it naturally follow that Attorneys are the biggest facilitators and protectors of Criminals; and hence, the main Criminals of the world?I say number 2 best describes the core function of Attorneys; and ergo, my answer is an emphatic YES to the last question.

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