A look into the harsh life of Street Boys in Jamaica (Film)

Many children in Jamaica and of course around the world are not fortunate enough to have parents or guardians who provide for them.

Street boys in Jamaica are forced to do many menial jobs just to survive.

It is very common to see them selling items or washing car windows especially in the nation’s capital (Kingston).

Often times in addition to finding a means to survive, they have to provide for numerous siblings as well.


Many of these youngsters flee to the streets to avoid physical and emotional abuse from their biological parents as well.

In this two part film entitled ‘Street Boys of Jamaica’, we are given a glimpse of what it’s like to live on the streets.

Watch the film below and share your views on this harsh reality being faced by street boys in Jamaica in the comments.

Part 1

Part 2

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Beryl Morgan
9 years ago

Lovely kids just need help and education for a brighter future

Beryl Morgan
8 years ago

Lovely kids just need help and education for a brighter future

Beverley Blissett
8 years ago

Very sad, my heartbreaks, how can we help?

Marlo Brown
8 years ago

It’s tough and harsh realty to swallow…sad too ,but I’m glad to see there are programs out there to educate these boys. lets hope they take heed…very smart young boys.

Rochelle DaddyGirl Hooke

So the purpose of these videos is to promote awareness? There was no information as how the viewers can help these children or how they are providing help to them as well. this makes me sad to see that the future of Jamaica our children have to suffer this way. The parents can’t do better because they don’t know better vicious cycle. I would love to be apart of the solution as to how do we collectively save our children.