Regardless of Political Allegiance – All Jamaicans have equal value !

I wonder if people really know the IMPLICATIONS of what Mr. Warmington (Jamaica Labour Party Member) said and the IMPACT it can have on the JLP?

What he basically said is not so much that IF YOU DID NOT VOTE HE WILL NOT ASSIST YOU, BUT!

By saying that if he looked at the VOTERS LIST and if YOUR name was NOT on it, he would not assist you, was a round about way of saying, IF YUH NEVA VOTE JLP him not helping yuh.

And to think that Mr. Holiness now has the AUDACITY to say that even though he was SITTING on stage at the time it was SAID, THAT HE DID NOT HEAR, is CRAZY at best, because as the LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION, by saying that HE DID NOT HEAR, HE HAS ENDORSED WHAT MR.WARMINGTON SAID.


I wonder if Jamaicans really UNDERSTAND what is going on?

Everald Warmington if you don't vote you don't count Jamaica JLP memberI wonder if Jamaicans really understand what the RIGHT to vote vs having an OBLIGATION to VOTE means?

I wonder if Jamaicans understand that NO ONE who HOLDS PUBLIC OFFICE, has the RIGHT to tell ANY CITIZEN that they will not assist he/she because they did not vote?

If that were so, then people who were in the hospital on election day and could NOT vote, will get no assistance from their MP if needed.

The elderly who could not go out and vote ALSO could not get any assistance if needed.

The MAD man on the STREET cannot get any assistance if needed, (cause him cannot vote).

The person who went to the polling station and was told that their name was NOT on the VOTER’S list, cannot get any assistance etc.


I would suggest that EVERY SINGLE JAMAICAN EDUCATE themselves on WHAT it means to VOTE and WHAT their VOTES mean.

In the meantime I will say a prayer for both the JLP and the PNP, that at some point the LEADERS of both PARTIES might find that part of the BRAIN, that requires them to THINK.

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