High school sex videos trigger Jamaica Constabulary Force Investigation

It is truly sickening to know that some of our nation’s children and adolescents are being exploited sexually.

Recently video and pictures have begun circulating  on mobile devices showing schoolgirls performing sexual acts. They are  now at the centre of an investigation by the Jamaican police.

According to a report by the Jamaica Observer:

The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), a branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, is leading the probe of the pornographic material which shows the girls engaging in sexual acts with each other, as well as an adult male.


The police report that the man depicted in the video makes the pornographic movies for sale on DVDs.

According to Education Minister Ronald Thwaites at least one high school in Clarendon has already responded to news of the probe by the police.

“They have gathered the school population, they have brought together the guidance counsellors and others who can help and in addition they have established a disciplinary committee that will be meeting next week. This school is doing all it can, they are being extremely concerned,” Thwaites said.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education’s region six which includes the parish of Clarendon says it will be sending personnel to the area on Monday and they will be remaining as long as necessary in order to assist the school authorities.

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