Was Tessanne Chin Overlooked by Jamaicans before The Voice? (Video)

Did Jamaicans give Tessanne Chin the support she deserved before she claimed the title of The Voice?

By winning the popular singing competition she in essence gave Jamaica a much needed Christmas present and few will argue with the undeniable fact that it has been a rough year in Jamaica. Crime and unemployment have not been short commodities.

Her win has served to lighten the spirits of many Jamaicans that are facing trying times. She is also the latest success story from our little island we can brag about to persons from other countries. 🙂

Many seem to hold that opinion she is just now getting the support of most Jamaicans after receiving recognition overseas.  If you really ponder on it, it does seem quite strange that someone with as much talent as her was not bigger in our local musical sphere.


Shaggy Winford Williams Tessanne Chin interview

Take a look at a recent interview with Shaggy where he gives his take below :

How do you feel about the level of support she and many other upcoming artistes in Jamaica have been receiving? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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