The news come on one,two, three lives gone again in a Jamdung

Twelve dead in Mobay everybody worried
Uncles,aunts,brothers and sisters everybody fall victim
Police have no answers,politicians drive by just another day in Jamdung
After 5 gone you walk fast on the road
Sweat pours down your face as you hear the first gun shot ring out
Hands firmly placed on your heart as you hear the screams and shout
People around you walk by as if nothing is wrong how comes nobody cares about crime in Jamdung?

Children going missing everyday but we turn our faces the other way
Then suddenly your sister is gone for days and you don’t know what to do
All of a sudden you see the faces of the girls you turned your face from
Then it finally hits you crime is serious in Jamdung

A text comes in on your phone saying congrats you have won
You run to the bank to collect your millions
Couple hours later your back book is empty
Tears flow from eyes as you ask yourself why?
When will they stop the crimes in Jamdung?


Election time is here and you are ready to vote for your party
Cars stop at you gate, hands appear,thousands of dollars for a vote
You collect and vote for the one with the most money to float your boat
Election passes and you are hungry,no work only empty promises
Then you stop to wonder when the crime ago stop in Jamdung?

jablogz short poemsYou are at a party and a guy approaches you
Words are exchanged before you know it he slips something in your drink
Couple sips later he walks away with your innocence
You stop and cry out when the crime ago stop in Jamdung?

Families without fathers,mothers and daughters
Children hands stained with blood after crawling in their parents blood
Fear in the eyes of the people
Yet their lips are sealed as to who is the killer
Nobody wants to talk
Then they stop to wonder when the crime ago stop in Jamdung?

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