Crocodile Sanctuary worries many

Several individuals from the National Environment and Planning Agency, along with numerous Parliamentary representatives met yesterday to voice their concerns over the  potential dangers of the Springville Crocodile Sanctuary located in Cascade, St. Mary.

Residents have described it a security risk as they highlighted that more secure fencing was needed to stop the reptiles from escaping in the event of a natural disaster.

Hoteliers in particular expressed their concerns of guests encountering crocodiles which they say could have far reaching negative consequences on tourism.


The facility which operates legally has existed for a number of years and currently caters to 50 crocodiles.

Officials at the sanctuary are to embark on an education campaign to inform persons of the sanctuary and preservation of the reptiles which has gained international attention with fears that they could become extinct due to increased poaching for their meat.

people are worried about crocodiles

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