Jamaica’s Usain Bolt Proves He’s Faster than Machine ! (VIDEO)

Jamaica’s speed king Usain Bolt has already proven to the world time and time again that he is the fastest human on the planet.

Having trumped all of mankind, the World’s Fastest Man has raised the bar even further and  turned his sights and spikes to a new form of competitor … El Metrobus!

Live from Argentina the Jamaican sprinter scored his first victory on the South American continent in advance of the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil.

The machine proved to be not much of a challenge for the Jamaican superstar over the 80-meter distance as he easily answered the world’s question of who would emerge victorious in a  face-off between man and machine.


Bolt, true to form, had a weak start, but clearly engaged the afterburners late in the race allowing him to ease through the finish line comfortably.

Isn’t that the most exciting race you have ever seen from Jamaica’s master of speed?

We hope you had a laugh. Let us know in the comments 🙂

Usain Bolt vs bus - human faster than car

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[…] Jamaica's Usain Bolt Proves He's Faster than Machine ! (VIDEO) […]