Persons Forced to fight each other by Police

A  mother is now outraged after discovering her teenage son along with his friends were allegedly, detained, beaten, and forced to fight each other by police officers in downtown Kingston recently.

Part of what is fueling her rage is the insufficient explanation of why her son and his friends were beaten. According to her, she was simply told: “because it was so many of them together that came off the bus and on their way to market.”

beatings by police, police beating peopleRomario Stevens, her 19 year old son stated that he along with eight of his friends had just stepped off a bus in downtown, and were making their way to the market when they were allegedly accosted by the police.

“Dem ask we where we going and one a me fren tell him seh we a go look fi him aunty weh sell ova di market, and den him kick me and bax him and den waa next one kick me inna mi back,” he said.


According to Stevens, he and his friends were seeking items for a birthday party and added that nine young men aged 15 to 22 were rounded up and forced into the back of a police jeep and taken to the Denham Town Police Station.

“Them search we, tek all a we belongings, mek we tek off we belt and shoelaces, and then took us to a cell, about 20 minutes after, them transfer us to Denham Town Police Station.”

After arriving at the Denham Town Police Station, the abuse continued.

“Dem tell we to tek off our shoes and put our foot on a chair and an officer come in and beat us on our foot.”

He stated they received the beating from an officer in plain clothes.

“Dem did carry us outside and seh we fi bax each other and then bax us when we nuh do it hot and seh ‘a suh yuh fi bax people!'”

He also described how one of his friends was given a belt and told to beat another and when he refused, was allegedly beaten all over his body with the belt by the officer.


The entire group was eventually released without any charges being issued on Tuesday night.

The Denham Town Police Station confirms that a report was made of the incident.

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