JPS Charges Overdue Fees for One Cent

A JPS customer, who paid her bill on time, except for one cent, has learnt that the whole bill is not cleared up for the JPS incentive, until every cent is paid up.

In fact, the customer who had paid early and was looking forward to the $250 dollar rebate for doing so, got a shock when she saw her next bill.

The Jamaica Public Service says for customers to avoid being charged the late fee, they must pay all the billed amounts to a cent.

Jamaica Public Service Company, JPS Jamaica, Caribbean powerJPS in August introduced an incentive of $250 dollars off residential customers bill, if the bill is paid on or before the due date.


The $250 dollars rebate or incentive is deducted from the next bill.  At the same time, customers will be charged $250 plus GCT if they pay past the due date.

One JPS customer in St. Ann who discovered that on her latest bill she was  charged the late fee of close of $300, which is the $250 plus GCT, queried of the JPS why she was being charged, having paid her bill days before the due date.

She stated that a JPS representative informed her that she had not paid the bill in full and still owed the company one cent.

The customer says her situation was resolved after making calls to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) and then to the utilities office in her parish.

She is urging other JPS customers to pay close attention to the amounts they pay and not forget to pay down to a cent or round off the dollar amount.

JPS Corporate Communications Officer Audrey Williams states that customers should pay in full, but if they have a similar experience they should contact the JPS.

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