Jamaica now has a legal Church of Selassie I

It has taken eight years for parliament to pass a bill which will make  the Church of Haile Selassie I legal.

The bill was passed by the Senate last Friday which will create and maintain places of worship, schools, social centres, and other buildings to facilitate the purposes of the church.

Church of Selassie I in JamaicaThe bill claims that members of the church have gathered for a long time for teaching and to spread belief in the Bible the moral laws of God, the fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man.

Justice Minister Mark Golding said: “The legislative establishment of the Church of Haile Selassie I will further legitimise the faith and religious practices of Rastafarians and their families giving their offspring and aides security and religious status both in the workplace, community and schools,”


Government Senator Lambert Brown also said Rastafarians have led the way, adding that Jamaica would have been a better place if the country followed many of the teachings of Rastafarianism.

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