The Missing Pieces of Jamaica

The news comes on and the list of missing children are displayed. We look on and thoughts flash through our mind, man yard she gone man not even going to pay them any mind. The following night the news headline says body of missing child found in bushes and we say,”A weh dem wicked people ya come from man”. Many times we fail to do what we can to help because we have seen cases of young girls who have ran away from home to be with friends or their boyfriends but wouldn’t you rather to be safe than sorry? It also goes to say that some parents know fully who is responsible for the deaths of their child but refuse to say anything out of fear, so you know what happens? those same individuals move to the next victim and the trend continues. abuse of children
Ever notice how vocal our political representatives can be when it comes to issues pertaining to politics but so quiet when it pertains to issues of security and development of the lives of the nations children. The ensure that their ministry buildings, vehicles and other resources are up to date before they begin to consider what can be done to improve children homes, juvenile detention centers and other places used to bring change to the lives of the youngest members of our country.

Without the young, these future plans being made are useless. Who will be here to implement them when you are running the country dry of its most important natural resources. What future leaders are you creating? when all they see are leaders arguing, even the very leaders of the education system neglecting to show a level of respect for each other. Children are so receptive to every little thing they see and hear that these are the attributes that they will perhaps take with them through life. Then all sorts of theories come forward as to why there are increases in school violence, perhaps we should take a look at the heads of the education system.

Jamaicans are always so quick to say how entertainers are the ones who are influencing the young people in a negative way to resort to violence and promiscuity but how are our political leaders any different? they call each other all forms of derogatory names and spend more all their time in office trying to belittle each others character.

It’s time to wake up leaders and realize that the missing pieces of our nation, the children of our nation are who we need to invest as much as possible in.


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