The Death of Women

The best poems in the world

Beautiful skin, soft kisses she brings a voice that can take the worse pain you feel far from within

Didn’t you have a mother as you grew up? or even a grandmother or sister that loving and protecting was a must

If anyone should stare at them too hard you would jump up and make them feel safe

Then who are the ones who slay the flesh of the young?


Who are those who with death in their eyes part a young child’s legs and watch the innocent die?

Don’t you remember when your mother would kiss you at nights?

Or made sure you had something to wear or eat

Even if you had no mother a woman’s touch could do wonders

Respect has left the heart of men

Seems woman is nothing more than another vessel to invade and conquer

Will it ever stop? The question lingers


Rape is the word that we hear ever so often

These men are weak but are the leaders of our country strong?

Silence they break as if nothing is wrong

Change we seek but the leaders continue to sit and meet and greet

Men are supposed to protect, love and care for women

Instead with one rape victim after the other protection turns into fear

Women are the victims but some sit and say nothing as their boyfriend or husband come home with a child’s blood on their hands

They wash them off and nothing is felt

As those same hands they use after to tug their children in bed


If we all keep silent when will it end?

When you rob all the children of their innocence what will the future look like

Leaders wake up and see that something needs to be done

The Land of wood and water is now a land flowing with innocent blood of our loved ones

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