World’s Second Oldest man Dies

James Emmanuel “Doc” Sisnett (22 February 1900–23 May 2013) was the oldest verified living human in the Western Hemisphere. 

He lived on the island of Barbados. According to the Gerontology Research Group, he was the world’s second oldest living human being, behind the 116-year-old Japanese man Jiroemon Kimura.

Sisnett was one of the last two living men verifiably born in the 19th century and the oldest and last surviving verified man born in the year 1900.

He was the only living verified Barbadian supercentenarian and the last surviving verified black man born in the 19th century.


Sisnett was also the second-oldest verified undisputed black man ever, after American Johnson Parks (1884-1998), who lived for 113 years 275 days.

He was born to parents Albert Egerton and Matilda Ann Sisnett who had four other children.

Two of his siblings lived to be centenarians and the other two died at 98 and 99.

Sisnett worked as a blacksmith and later in a factory making sugar and syrup until his retirement in 1970.

He survived his first wife who passed away in 1937 and his second wife who passed in 1942. Sisnett had 11 children.

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