The World as we know it

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The breeze stands still seemingly afraid of the terror of man’s wrath
How is it that even nature that we usually marvel at now fears who we have become?
Could it be because we no longer see the beauty in it but we destroy it with our selfish desires
We see the hunger in the eyes of children as we walk on the road
We see the need for a little opportunity to change their lives
We close our hides to the obvious want of hurting people in the world
But despite our eyes being closed our hearts will still feel
Or is that we no longer have hearts or we have stopped feeling

Children look up to musicians who often sing of crime and sexual desires
Where is the positivity?? Where are the teachings of good morals?
The thing is people sometimes think too much and feel too little
Those who have been blessed with the resources to help
Instead keep on spending it on selfish desires the want for more and more continues to grow
The world as we know it will get no better

Man continues to look out for themselves rather than giving a helping hand to a neighbour
Instead of lifting each other up we destroy them one by one with various weapons all stained by selfish desires
The World as we know it needs the true meaning of LOVE

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