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Queen of Dancehall Lady Saw, had tongues flapping recently with controversial tweets, sent from her Twitter account, regarding her relationship miseries. In a number of tweets, Mumma Saw vented her anger at her ex-lover, with whom she has been involved with for over 14 years. The artiste says she is tired of his alleged infidelity and apparently wants out. According to Lady Saw, she has tried endlessly to keep the relationship alive, however she cannot take the pressure anymore. She also tweeted that her ex was ungrateful and she wants to be reimbursed for money which she supposedly contributed to the development of his home. Saw also said she was happy that she didn’t get married to her ex because then he would be entitled to half of her earnings and said that he purposely wanted to get married to her in order to get his hands on her wealth. When asked about the tweets, publicist Kaylia Williams told E Zone that Saw was merely expressing her feelings to her fans because they have been asking why they have not been hearing much from her since the success of Heels On.


Ninja Man 

ninja man, jamaican artistThe court has lifted Ninja Man’s curfew order, giving the artiste the go ahead to perform whenever and wherever he chooses. Ninja Man’s murder trial was postponed until on October 7 because according to artiste the court was dealing with another matter and therefore they were not able to start his. Ninja Man says that although the curfew has been lifted he still has to report to the police station. It was previously reported that Ninja Man, his son and another man were jointly charged with the 2009 murder of a man. The court was informed that the other man accused died recently.



Unicorn DancehallDancehall artiste Unicorn has announced that he will be filing a lawsuit against his landlady who was recently arrested and fined for assaulting the deejay. When the deejay appeared in court, the landlady was fined $30,000, and ordered to return the deejay’s $8,000 rental deposit, however, Unicorn said that there is still the matter of his medical expenses. “Mi ah go tek out a lawsuit and file a restriction order against her because mi see her inna the streets two times and the second time, mi see her, she ah talk up tings like ‘dem tink say dem ah get money, but ah the government mi gi a little ting’ and a she ah come too close to me and mi have a short temper and pon certain roads mi no waan venture,” he told E Zone. Unicorn is completing an album for VP Records. He has already completed eight tracks including a single called Early Morning Ride. “Ah my career and my album mi waan pree, but dem people ya ah try draw mi out,” he said.


Night Noise Abatement Act

Event ratings, zoning and an entertainment registry are some of the suggestions to quell concerns about the Night Noise Abatement Act. Sound system owners, promoters and other members of the entertainment fraternity made some progress in their quest to tackle the night noise. Recently, members of the entertainment industry, representatives of the security ministry, parish council and the minister of tourism and entertainment Damian Crawford had a consultation meeting in a bid to find solutions. Selector Ricky Trooper who spearheaded the first meeting dubbed Save The Dancehall Movement, says the gathering with government officials was very productive. Selector Ricky Trooper also blasted entertainers for snubbing the meeting. According to Trooper, the entertainers are not supportive of the Save The Dancehall Movement. Sound system owners, selectors, and other players in the entertainment industry organized a meeting after the lawmen announced that they will put an end to all street dances operating without a permit and that the night noise abatement act will be thoroughly enforced.




Spanish Town based recording artiste Gangoolie who is making national waves with his latest hit, Muscle Wine, is upset that pirates are attempting to use his ideas to make similar songs to those that he presently has in the marketplace. He pointed to artistes who have been trying to muscle in on his ‘Muscle Wine’ success. “QQ, Demarco, and TOK tried to make versions of the Muscle Wine, mi nuh have no problem with that, but ah me first do the song seven months ago, and put it out there, dem need fi show respect and tell people where it ah come from, imitation is the best form of flattery so ah just so it go, but mi nuh like how TOK sing back mi song the same way, same melody, same words, dem nah show no creativity,” he said. “Nobody never see me wah day ya and now dem a hawk down the ting, cause mi have a new ting called Trapsetta that mi voice from 2012 and now Mr. Vegas and QQ ah do Trapsetta too. Mi nuh have no problem with Mr. Vegas but QQ fi call the dance the right name, him ah tek Trapsetta and a call it One Drop and that no right, him nah gi the people dem who originate it no props, said Gangoolie.

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