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Since the downturn in the number of popular street dances like Passa Passa and Dutty Fridayz several popular Jamaican dancers have disappeared from the entertainment radar. The dancers claim the parties assisted with their ascension to stardom and provided financial stability for their families; without them, they have become redundant.


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Dancehall dancer Keiva has taken a bold stance against dancehall artistes who alienate local dancers from their international music videos despite using their dance moves to develop their products. According to Keiva, dancehall artistes should be grateful to dancers and incorporate them in their videos on the international scene, because they need to earn from their work. Keiva says the creation of dance moves involves the usage of the intellect; therefore the artistes should compensate them for usage of their intellectual property. She says people like Sean Paul, has employed foreign dancers to do Jamaican moves, while the real creators of the dance moves are left to starve. She is therefore asking Sean Paul and other international acts to be considerate when they are doing music videos in the future, so that they won’t leave out their Jamaican dancers. She is also demanding that local artistes convince promoters to pay for dancers to come on tour and perform with artistes, since the artistes are not willing to add them to their sets because of the additional expenses. She says Sean Paul’s Gimme Di Light music video has no Jamaican dancers and that’s a shame in a country that creates the most dance moves daily.

Gucci Mane


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Gucci Mane is back (again). After nearly three weeks in a Georgia jail for violating his probation, the Atlanta rapper walked free just days ago. His attorney, Drew said the violation had something to do with the March 25 incident when he allegedly hit a fan in the head with a champagne bottle but he didn’t specify in what way. Gucci turned himself in March to face the aggravated assault charge. He was released on bond April 12, and the day after, he was arrested. Now that he’s free again, he’s expected in court later this month.

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