Jamaicans vs the Rest of the World

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Often times I sit and ponder it as I walk on the streets and look at the vendors as they place their items out neatly hoping for a sale that day. Rarely do you see items that depict the culture of Jamaica. The brands most recognized  by us as Jamaicans are from foreign lands but isn’t it strange that we still ask to be viewed as individuals of a country set apart from the rest?

Instead of placing a mark for ourselves in those lands we simply sit back and relax and let them invade our lands with their conception of beauty. We say we are proud of our language but look how quickly we adapt their style of speech when we go abroad for ashort period of time. Our food is mostly imported as we develop their country while ours sits still yearning to be given some attention.

Is it just me or have we as Jamaicans lost the meaning of why we say we are different? You will hear some say Usain Bolt is making a mark on the globe for his country…is he really? People might know him yes but firstly they know him as Usain and then as a Jamaica. We can’t say we are different if we dress and act like they do. We need to appreciate who we are as a people but then again our future generations rather hear about the latest gossip about the idols abroad than they wish to hear about the founders of our country.

The reason we aren’t developing as a country isn’t because we don’t have the finances but firstly because we don’t know why we are Jamaicans anymore.


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