Largest Blue Marlin caught in Tobago

A fisherman in Tobago has injected some spark into the fishing world by making a record breaking catch in the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament over the weekend.

The Southern Caribbean Billfish Circuit has confirmed the incredible feat. A Blue Marlin weighing a whopping 1005.9 pounds.

The big fish called a grander was caught by Brendan Bernard who was part of a five member team abroad the ‘Predator’.

The team’s winnings, include a Mercedez Benz B-class which was reserved for the first angler to break the 1000 pound mark.


The previous record was 890 pounds held by 15-year-old junior angler Sean Mendonca in 2008.

The competition which came to an end over the weekend had 59 competing teams,  from the Caribbean, South America and Europe.

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