Gay Marriage is now Legal in Uruguay

The congress of Uruguay has made its desire known by passing a bill approving same sex marriages.  Uruguay is now the second country in Latin America to allow individuals of the same sex to marry legally.

Uruguay legalizes gay marriage

Of the 92 Lawmakers in the lower house, 71 voted in favour of the proposal. The bill is scheduled to be made law in another few weeks by the Upper House who backed the proposals.

This new law makes Uruguay the 12th country globally to allow this form of union.  Argentina and Canada both already approve gay marriages. The Catholic Church bashed the law stating it will endanger the institution of the family.

“We Are Opposed to this bill Because We understand it distorts and changes the nature of the institution of marriage,” said opposition lawmaker Gerardo Amarilla.


Approximately 500,00 people took to the streets of Paris in January to protest the legalization of same-sex marriage.

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