Fidel Castro Speaks at School Inauguration

86 year old former President of Cuba delivered a two-hour speech to teachers and students, where he spoke about global warming, fuel prices and weapons of mass destruction. It was his first appearance for the opening of a school since 2006.

Fidel Castro two hour speech

The older of the Castro brothers opened the Havana school that he himself had asked be built. The school accommodates 140 children.

The former leader dressed informally donning a navy blue jacket and blue and white shirt.  He spoke animatedly to the  children and adults in attendance.

The event was held indoors due to rainfall. Castro spoke for two hours with students and teachers about global warming, weapons of mass destruction, food production and other pressing issues.


He was replaced by his brother Raul after a serious intestinal illness forced him to leave office and his public appearances since then have been very rare.

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