Dog Rapist Gets Tough Sentence

Kurtis Peterson, a resident of Michigan pleaded no contest to having sex with two dogs on Monday. He was then handed the wrath of justice as the 36 year old was was sentenced to between one and 15 years by judge Timothy Hicks, according to Michigan Live.

The judge appeared to be worried the man from Muskegon was a risk to continue raping the animals.

“I fear for what he might do in the community,” Hicks said during the sentencing hearing.

Kurtis Peterson, dog rapistRaping dogs is nothing new for Kurtis as The Daily News reported that Peterson was caught in the act twice by Joyce Yeaw, a friend of Peterson’s roommate. Once in April 2012 and a second time in June.


“He was having sex with the dog, it was disgusting,” Yeaw testified, according to the paper’s website.

Following the April incident, Peterson told police he was “just playing with the dog.”

Michigan Live earlier reported that Peterson’s public defender, Fred Lesica, said his client had “mental retardation” and is on psychiatric medication.

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