Counterfeit Goods Valued at $420M Destroyed By Police

Counterfeit goods valued at $420 million dollars along with other illegal items were destroyed by members of the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) today, according to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Among the items destroyed were cigarettes, cases of rum, soda, rubbing alcohol, bottled drinks, and a variety of pharmaceutical items.

14 persons have been arrested for various breaches according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry. He hailed the operation as a major milestone for the Unit, and warned others that investigators will be relentlessly pursuing other wrongdoers.

The Deputy Superintendent also appealed to members of the public to be on the lookout for counterfeit items when making purchases.


“Know your products; pay attention to your products, and if you are in doubt, contact Organised Crime Investigation Division Intellectual Property Section…”

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