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Who’s Loving you Now?

Jamaican Writers

It was very hard for Sandy to keep herself from screaming, at the unfairness of it all. How could Sam do this to her? It was so unfair,so unlike him. They had been going out for years. Three years to be exact. Sandy trembled at the thought, shaking off the numbness that was to cover her.

Lately it has been from work, …home,… home, …work. It didn’t matter which one came first. The days all ended the same.

Twist and turn she did but sleep was one thing she couldn’t do. Pulling the covers up to her shoulder, she looked at the time again, it was six pm, just six Sandy noted. It seemed as if time had slowed down since the breakup.

Tick, tick , tick. It seemed to go on forever. Tick ,tick,tick.


Just then the phone rang. She let it ring. She rolled her eyes before letting out a sigh.It came to a stop. ” finally ” Sandy thought counting the seconds it would take to reach the voice-mail  “one, two…….three”. There was no message. 

She sighed again now lying on her back, staring up at the roof. Thinking of how it was before. How it use to be. She and Sa…

Sandy jumped as she heard the phone ring again interrupting her chain of thought…Running to where the phone was, suddenly sinking to the floor.She couldn’t believe who was talking on the other end. In shock or was it panic…She pressed the dial tone sending it straight to voice-mail.

” Sandy I miss you, let’s talk”… It was Sam.. Her ex Sam …. The Sam that left…. Jerk Sam … Dam you Sam .. Sandy yelled slamming the phone down ending the recording. ” Now he decides to call”..sandy’s voice trailed off in fury.

Shutting her eyes trying to control the tears that now ran down her cheeks. She wrapped her hands around herself. It still hurt, it was like ice that was left to thaw, for the pain that dwelled inside melted slowly, washing itself throughout her every vein. She felt cold. She was trembling.

She could still feel his hands stroking on her neck , slowly.. She crooked her neck to the left embracing the feeling. The thoughts, the images…

Noo! She yelled . Shaking her head violently . How dare he invade her thoughts like this. ” Damm you Sam  she whaled. Slamming her palms on the floor, where she still sits. Wiping her tear stained face.


 She couldn’t do this, not now. Not ever. She made her way to her room . She needed some music , something to just, just get her mind of things, off him. Music always helped. ” Would it?” She questioned.

Turning on her radio, she sank in the middle of the bed. It seemed to take her for eternity to get there. Picking up the mess of sheets from where she had left them. She tucked herself in. ” Sam usually did this” she reminisced.

Sandy hated thinking like this. Sometimes…..

“Playing tonight on our number one station, whose loving you now by micheal jackson” please enjoy” said the radio man, dragging his words.

 Sandy chuckled a bit.

 “When I had you,I treated you baaaaaaad.oooOh I did”.” Gurllll since you been away,Don’t you know……I sit around, With my head hanging down. And I wonder whose loving you nowwww”.

 She turned off the radio. Drawing up the covers some more.

 ” Yooooou treated me baaaaaaad, oh yes you did”, Sandy drawled.

 ” Whose loving you now , Sam?” Sandy whispered before falling to sleep.


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