Rohan Marley Defends Snoop Lion

In the midst of a controversy surroundingSnoop Lion and some members of the Rastafarian Millennium Council, Bob Marley’s son Rohan has run to Snoop’s defense.

According to TMZ, Rohan Marley said that reggae legend Bob Marley would have embraced Snoop Lion’s Rastafarian rebirth and welcomed the positivity. Rohan also asked why condemn a man for his love of Rastafari and Bob Marley

Original and only living Wailer, Bunny Wailer has questioned Snoop’s motives claiming that the rapper has engaged in outright fraudulent use of the Rastafarian community’s personalities and symbolism and has failed to meet contractual, moral and verbal commitments.

Key members of the Rastafarian Millennium Council has reportedly sent off a 7 page demand letter to Snoop Lion making it clear that smoking weed, loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafarian indigenous culture.


During an interview yesterday (01.25.13) on BET Snoop said in everything there is negativity but he’s not deterred.

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