Usain Bolt has Statue made after him.

Vita Diedel Kloever Usain Bolt statue

The German artist Vita Diedel Kloever, wanted to pay homage  to the  Olympic champion Usain Bolt by making a life-size statue of the fastest man in the world!

The statue, which he gave the name Bolt Bolts of was made entirely in Germany from scrap and bolts.

Kloever said he was amazed by the exploits of  the sprinter and he believed it is a great way to show him respect.

“Bolt is a sprinter extraordinaire, one of the greatest the world has ever seen. I am proud of having links with Jamaica”, said Kloever who is married to a Jamaican.

The artist had the idea for the statue in 2009, the year when Bolt won the world championship in Berlin, but didn’t have enough material to complete the statue at that time.

In March, he started making the statue which took him four months to complete. ” My greatest pleasure is that this statue Usain Bolt be in its place, and it is in Jamaica. As an artist, will be a great honour for me . ”

Kloever Dangast was born in Germany in 1961. After completing high school he developed an interest in the visual arts and performing arts and later became the bassist of German reggae Herbman Band .

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