Glen Washington Nominated For Grammy!!

Reggae artist Glen Washington is celebrating his second Grammy nomination. He was first nominated in 2004 for his memorable album “Wanna Be Loved”. The artist enjoys his second nomination this time for his latest album “Masterpiece”.

” I wanted to make an album with a variety of songs with different vibes and melodies . ” The artist expresses his enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment after the announcement, ” I am delighted with this appointment is a good vibe and a good feeling. I was expecting that something good happens because we eregistré each song step by step, as a project. I told my producers that we would hit the Billboard, and we ended up being nominated for a Grammy. Being nominated is an honor, because it shows they take into account my work and get that grammy is the ultimate vibe! “said Glen Washington .
The artist notes that each song on the album, a total of 17, had its own impact, ” The different songs are different movements, and even songs that I did not show that the album is a real masterpiece the work. I get good reviews . ”

The artist claims to have the key to getting a coveted appointment, it is to make a decent music, ” We must make the world songs, songs in which people can recognize, use tracks on which people can dance, songs that children can listen to (…) Your music should be played everywhere . ”

Glen Washington is currently in the United States and plans to embark on a European tour in 2013.

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