Tips to Help Become Better At Predicting Ice Hockey Scores

Score prediction can be fun and adds more variety to the game, especially if you are watching as a neutral spectator.

You can also rake in massive wins if you love placing bets. But predicting ice hockey scores requires experience and a fair share of luck.

Learning to analyse tactics and statistics can improve your ice hockey score predictions. Remember, this will take time, and you must be patient. Here are the top tips to help you in predicting ice hockey scores.

Get Help From the Experts


Sometimes, reading match prediction reports from renowned sports websites like The Sports Prophets can help you get your ice hockey predictions right. Experienced pundits can give you deeper insights into the game, which can help you when predicting scores.

Also, get input from friends who love watching ice hockey. Ask them for their predictions and which player they think will make a difference on game day. Luck also plays a hand, so don’t mind going with your instinct.  

Know the Teams

Knowing the players and their strengths will help you predict scores better. Class is permanent, but form can be temporary. Delve deeper into player form before placing your score prediction. Sometimes, even prolific centers miss easy tap-ins.

Teams may struggle if their attackers and wingers aren’t in sync. On the other hand, defenses can determine the number of goals the team will ship in. Also, don’t forget to look at the team’s overall performance leading to this match. On-form teams can overpower their opponents, potentially leading to a goal fest.

Crunch the Numbers

Statistics offer a deeper understanding of a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Look at the numbers, paying more attention to power-play and shots on goal. For example, a team with high chances of converting their chances into goals will dominate a team with weak penalty kills.


Defenses can come in clutch, especially on teams with a more conservative approach. Goalies with high-save numbers can win the game for their teams by shutting up shop and keeping the opposition attackers at bay.

Head-to-Head Records

Matches against rivals can be fun but pack a lot of tension. The head-to-head records can help you get your ice hockey score predictions right. Another thing worth watching is the team’s home record.

Playing behind your home fans has a psychological benefit and can help teams win matches. Away teams may suffer from long travels and short rest hours, which can nullify their sharpness in front of the goal. Also, delve into the team’s play style. Some teams adopt a defensive approach when playing away.

Often, such games have low scores. If the away team scores first, they may sit back and defend their lead.

Summing Up

Don’t let predicting ice hockey scores take away the fun from the game. Keep emotions or bet on teams you don’t support. You might get biased when predicting matches vs. the team you support. If you love placing a bet, compare odds from different betting sites to get the most value from your prediction.

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