Michael Ricketts Reinstated as President of Jamaica Football Federation

JFF president Michael Ricketts (left) and vice-president Raymond Anderson. JFF president Michael Ricketts- Screenshot via YouTube

Michael Ricketts has secured another term as President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

Ricketts emerged triumphant over challenger Raymond Anderson, clinching a commanding 39-17 victory in the vote count conducted at the Royalton Resort on Sunday.

Ricketts, who has held the presidency since 2017, will now steer the JFF through its next phase of development after weathering storms of controversy, particularly surrounding issues with the senior Reggae Girlz team regarding alleged unpaid fees and administrative discord.

With this resounding mandate, Ricketts embarks on his second full term at the helm of Jamaican football.


Joining him are seasoned football administrators including St Catherine FA President Elaine Walker-Brown, St James FA President Gregory Daley, Portland FA President Raymond Grant, and Manchester FA President Barry Watson.

Additionally, JFF Vice-President Bruce Gaynor and JFF Technical Committee Chairman Rudolph Speid have been enlisted as ordinary directors,.

Carole Beckford, spokesperson for Anderson’s slate, acknowledged the defeat, remarking, “39-17 suggests that the delegates voted in an overwhelmingly strong position to retain Mr Ricketts and his team.”

However, she stressed the need for continued scrutiny and improvement within the JFF, emphasising the importance of effective governance in attracting sponsorship and fostering development in Jamaican football.

Ricketts subsequently outlined plans for reform within the JFF’s leadership, announcing the exclusion of Raymond Anderson from the vice presidency.

Instead, Ricketts introduced a new cadre of vice presidents, including Daley, Walker-Brown, and Watson.

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