Former Sugar Workers’ Descendants in Trelawny Closer to Formal Land Ownership with Receipt of Possession Letters

Descendants of former agricultural workers in Wakefield, Trelawny, have taken a significant step towards formalising their land ownership status.

The Ministry of Agriculture marked this milestone by presenting them with letters of possession in a ceremony held on Tuesday.

Minister of Agriculture, Floyd Green, emphasised the historical significance of this move, highlighting that the delay in granting ownership rights to rightful inheritors has plagued Jamaica’s agricultural landscape for a long time.

Speaking at the event, Minister Green underscored the urgency of addressing this matter, citing the injustices faced by others in similar situations across the country.


Minister Green also said he has already engaged with relevant authorities to facilitate the issuance of titles to those who have received letters of possession.

The presentation ceremony marked a pivotal moment for many individuals in the Wakefield area, whose families have historically worked on sugar lands without formal recognition of ownership rights.

This development signifies a significant stride towards addressing land tenure issues in Jamaica, particularly in rural communities where agricultural workers have historically faced challenges in asserting their land rights.

Beyond the symbolic gesture of recognition, formal land ownership empowers individuals and communities, providing them with the security and stability needed to invest in and develop their properties sustainably.

Over 150 letters are to be distributed in the area.

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