Jamaica’s Women’s World Cup Squad Withdraws from Gold Cup Qualifiers Due to ‘Constant Mistreatment’ and Missing World Cup Payments

Reggae Girlz jubilant after qualifying for the knockout stage of the 2023  FIFA Women’s World Cup

Jamaica’s Women’s World Cup squad has announced its decision to withdraw from the upcoming Women’s Gold Cup qualifiers, citing what they term as “constant mistreatment” by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

The team’s decision comes as a result of numerous grievances, including unpaid bonuses and inadequate communication from the governing body.

The Reggae Girlz made their second appearance in the Women’s World Cup earlier this summer, where they reached the Round of 16 before being defeated by Colombia.

However, they claim that they have yet to receive their full World Cup bonus payments, as well as World Cup qualifying payments from 2022, owed by the JFF.


In a statement issued on Saturday, the team expressed the severity of their decision, saying, “It is with great disappointment we share that the 2023 World Cup roster will not be participating in the upcoming October international window for the first ever Women’s Gold Cup Qualifiers.

“While this has been one of the hardest decisions we have had to make, we feel it is necessary to take such a drastic stance to put an end to the constant mistreatment we receive from the Jamaica Football Federation.”

One of the key issues highlighted by the Reggae Girlz is the lack of effective communication from the JFF.

They cited an instance where they were informed about their new head coach only three days before players were scheduled to report to camp, and this communication was made via social media. 

The statement from the team outlined their long-standing frustrations, stating, “We have dealt with this lack of communication, poor organization, poor management, and delayed payments from the JFF time and time again.

For these reasons, we take our stance in solidarity with hope to end this cycle of mistreatment.”

This is not the first time that the Reggae Girlz have spoken out against the JFF’s handling of their affairs. Prior to their participation in the Women’s World Cup, the players issued a similar statement, criticizing the federation’s poor planning and mismanagement of the team.


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