Sections of Jamaica Shaken by Earthquake

Jamaicans experienced an earthquake on Thursday night, with reports of tremors from various parts of the island.

The quake, measuring 4.9 magnitude, occurred at around 7:31 pm local time.

The epicenter was located approximately 5 kilometers west of Hope Bay in Portland, with a local depth of 15.3 kilometers.

The earthquake was widely felt, with reports from Clarendon, Kingston, St Andrew, St Thomas, Portland and St Catherine.


Residents in Manchester, St Elizabeth, and St James also reported feeling the tremors.

Jamaica has experienced two significant earthquakes in its history.

The first of these seismic events occurred on June 7, 1692 and remains the most devastating earthquake ever recorded in Jamaica.

The impact was particularly severe in Port Royal, where a substantial portion of the land was submerged into the sea. Tragically, the earthquake claimed the lives of at least 5,000 people and resulted in the destruction of 3,000 buildings. Furthermore, an outbreak of yellow fever followed in the wake of this disaster.

The second major earthquake, which had widespread consequences across the island, struck on January 14, 1907.

Approximately 1,000 individuals lost their lives, with many perishing in fires that erupted after the initial tremors. The earthquake also left about 9,000 people homeless, with many forced to sleep outdoors for more than a month in its aftermath.

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