Are there Any Clues to Being My Soulmate?

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I’ve been dating a guy since mid-April, which has been ticking along slowly, and now I believe that we’ve got an extraordinary romantic connection.

We met in a bar and flirted by finishing each other’s sentences, it was a bizarre situation. Friends keep saying we look great together, and last week asked if we are soulmates yet. I thought becoming soulmates takes years. How do I know he’s my soulmate?

Paula, Kingston


Love Doctor MontiLove Doctor’s Answer:

The ultimate love connection is a soulmate relationship. To discover such a deep and natural connection is extremely rare.

Finding a true soulmate can be an emotional rollercoaster ride, which can quickly change when we’re romantically involved with someone who makes us so incredibly happy.

However, once the rose-tinted glasses are off then it’s essential to ensure that there’s mutual respect, commitment and trust between the two of you if you want to move forward forever.

A naturally strong bond often develops over time, which probably explains your scenario. This is due to circumstances and life choices that you’ve made together, and you may soon both believe that destiny threw you together to become soulmates.

Yet there are different types of soulmates, not just a romantic soulmate, to consider. A true soulmate is someone who’s going to have an everlasting impact on your life, whether they are with you romantically or not.

Other types of soulmates can enter your life, but it’s all down to timing and not always romance.

Companion soulmate | Friends essential to our lifetime journey. They challenge us to be real, love us with our flaws and will never abandon us in anger.


Karmic soulmate | This relationship doesn’t require intimacy. Both are intent on making a difference together to complement each other as a partnership.

Kindred soulmate | Sharing the same things by agreeing and disagreeing with love and affection, without any form of jealousy.

Soul contract soulmate |A deep law of attraction holds you together forever, staying together by a common commitment even if one of you strayed.

Soul crossing soulmate | Even a brief encounter with someone who crosses our path can offer a lasting impact on the direction we choose.

Believing that you already have a soulmate relationship appears to be important to you. A deep and profound bond with a strong physical sensation would indicate that a soulmate relationship could be blossoming.

When you’re with this new boyfriend there are some important factors to determine whether you are becoming true soulmates, including whether you feel like you’ve known him forever even though it’s only been a few months.

If you are becoming more confident about yourself since you met him, then this is maybe because you believe that he’ll be your soulmate and will always be by your side.

If he makes you feel good about yourself, this means that if he’s a soulmate then you will have started to appreciate your self-worth much more than before you started dating.

When you’re with your soulmate, you’ll discover that you’ve become more alert and conscious of your surroundings. The energy from each other simply activates your senses, and this is known as the butterfly effect.


If your soulmate is tuned into your energies and you feel a deep connection with him even from a distance, then this is excellent news as he has his energy focused on you at all times.

You may find that your connection is even stronger when you’re apart than when you are together, which really is destiny and explains why you two were put in each other’s paths as soulmates.

When we are connected romantically, our heart rate tends to beat louder and faster in a positive way — the same feeling we experience when we fall in love.

It isn’t imperative to prove that he’s your soulmate just by the heart rate increase phenomenon, because only for the majority does this apply — not everyone in love.

If his presence excites you, your heart rate increases and when he touches you then you sometimes get goosebumps, that’s all because of the magical connection between you.

Yet even when you aren’t together a true soulmate can offer you the feel-good factor, which is what you truly desire and in all honesty deserve forever.

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