VIDEO: Jamaica’s Amari Bell to Play in the Premier League Next Season

Amari Bell (right) speaks with a teammate during the encounter with Coventery

On Saturday, Reggae Boy Amari Bell helped his club Luton Town complete a fairytale journey to the Premier League.

The Hatters clinched a dramatic victory over Coventry City in the Championship playoff final at Wembley, securing their place in world football’s most prestigious league after a hiatus of 31 years.

The talented left-back, displayed his skills and determination throughout the game, contributing significantly to Luton’s success. The 28-year-old played an integral part in the team’s defensive line, ensuring they remained resolute in the face of Coventry’s attacking threat. Despite the early setback of their captain, Tom Lockyer, collapsing on the field, Bell and his teammates rallied together and showcased their resilience.

From the early stages of the match, Luton demonstrated their ambition and desire to secure promotion. Bell’s defensive prowess was complemented by his ability to support the team’s attacks from the left flank. And Luton eventually found the back of the net via Jordan Clark in the 23rd minute.


Although Coventry staged a comeback in the second half with Gustavo Hamer scoring in the 66th minute, Bell and his teammates remained composed and focused on their objective. Despite some nervy moments, they managed to hold their opponents at bay, demonstrating their determination to reach the Premier League. The tie eventually went into extra time, where fatigue and tension took their toll, but Luton’s dream remained within reach.

The nail-biting playoff final eventually culminated in a penalty shootout, which ended (6-5) in favour of Luton.  Fankaty Dabo’s miss in the shootout sealed the Hatters’ promotion, propelling them into the limelight of the Premier League.

For Bell, this promotion represents a significant milestone in his career. He has demonstrated his talent and versatility throughout the season, and his performances have not gone unnoticed. 

With his promotion to the Premier League, Bell now has the opportunity to compete at the highest level of English football, further raising the profile of Jamaican players on the global stage. As he prepares to face renowned clubs and players, Bell’s focus, determination, and passion will be instrumental in his continued success.

The Premier League awaits the arrival of this talented Jamaican defender, and fans worldwide eagerly anticipate witnessing his contributions to Luton’s campaign in the upcoming season.

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