Information You Should Know About The Lehigh Career Center

There are two ways for international students to be admitted to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where they can pursue their postgraduate studies in master’s (M.Sc.) or/and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs.

The first is via the Common Application, whereas the second is via the Coalition Application. Admitted students get access to the Lehigh Career Center regardless. The Lehigh Career Center will be thoroughly covered in this article.

What Does the Lehigh Career Center Offer?


The Lehigh University Center for Career and Professional Development is a facility dedicated to preparing graduate students to be professionals in their field of study. A system has been put in place to give the students all the materials, digital tools, resources, career treks, and networks they need to be excellent professionals in their careers both before and after they leave school. An alternative route to this material is by accessing your Lehigh student portal through the Interstride website.

The career development of each student at Lehigh University is the goal of the Lehigh Career Center. This emphasis has led to the establishment of a rigorous curriculum for professional career development. Students at Lehigh are exposed to career guidance and networking opportunities through this program. Additionally, there are initiatives in collaboration with businesses that support students in honing their career and job-searching abilities.

How Can Students Develop Their Career Skills with the Aid of the Lehigh Career Center?


The programs offered by the Lehigh Career Center to assist students in honing their professional development abilities are described in this section. Let’s look into these.

Opportunities for alumni mentorship


Platforms for alumni mentorship play a big part in assisting students in developing their professionalism for their profession. The influence is seen most strongly when an alumnus takes up the mentoring.

This is so because the graduates have received the same training as the present students. Students gain from alumni mentoring programs by having the opportunity to learn from mentors’ professional expertise, which gives them insight into the career they are pursuing and teaches them smart strategies to deal with any obstacles. In order to understand more about the working environment of the alumni’s respective companies, they also get the opportunity to ask questions.

Practice with virtual interviews


A virtual interviewing practice platform is another significant event hosted by the Lehigh Career Center. This platform aims to increase students’ interview confidence. An important aspect of hiring is the interview. Some interviews keep an eye out for the interviewee’s confidence. In order to prepare students for interviews, virtual interview practice sessions use questions and responses that they would likely encounter.

Provision of information and career guidance


The availability of the Lehigh Career Center’s educational materials on career guidance is one of its goals. These tools are intended to provide students a better understanding of their professional working environment and professional development. The provision of these materials reveals the vast amount of knowledge and information students must acquire before beginning their careers. This knowledge will get them ready for the work that lies ahead.



Every student, foreign or not, has a fantastic chance to learn about developing their professional careers at the Lehigh Career Center. This curriculum separates Lehigh University graduates from those from other universities and helps them succeed better in their careers.


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